Proven Integrity

I have served for 28 years. I have almost three times the experience and twice the training hours as my opponent. I’ve raised a family on a public servants salary. I’m not rich, I don’t have a trust fund, but I have what money can’t buy. I have experience and a proven integrity. I’ve been endorsed by the Ranger Chief’s and Captains I have served under. Prosecutors have called me the “go to guy” when the case is the most difficult. The Denton Police Officers Association and the Texas Narcotic Officers Association have endorsed me. I can testify in any court in the land without my past integrity being brought into question. I have been protecting families in this county for 17 years. My opponent would like you to believe that electing me would somehow make you less safe. I’ll put my resume and my service up against anyone’s.

He did get one thing right. We can’t afford to elect the wrong guy as your Sheriff.

The only real question is do you want a experienced integrity driven Law Man protecting you or a politician with integrity issues?

Proven Integrity, Tracy Murphree For Sheriff

Tracy Murphree for Sheriff Kick Off