Texas Narcotic Officers Association

Texas Narcotic Officers Association

My opponent continues to say that I have made it known that I will go back to policies that put more drugs on the streets and in the schools. I’m not aware of ever talking about old policies or going back in time. I’m not aware of any policy that advocates putting more drugs on the street or into schools. That’s a very bizarre and untrue statement.

The only thing I’ve seen about going back in time is constant references to the Alamo.

It really doesn’t make much since when you consider that the current policy he is working under was written by me.

Of the $100,000,000 worth of drugs he says he took off the streets $84,000,000 was under my command of the drug unit.

I’ve put a lot of drug dealers away and taken a lot of drugs off the street. I will continue to do so. One thing I’ve never been is the reason a drug dealer was set free.

There is a reason I’ve been endorsed by the Texas Narcotic Officers Association.